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Mold Remediation

Mold is naturally occuring in the environment; however, mold growth within a building envelope is not normal.  Mold growth in a dwelling is an unacceptable condition that can pose three categories of risk to the owner or occupants:

Health Risks from Exposure to Mold and Associated Toxins 

The most common route of mold exposure is inhalation.  This can occur without any obvious warning signs such as visual or odor indicators.  The range of potential symptoms from mold exposure is quite extensive, from mild to life threatening.  It is a common misperception that only "black mold" or "toxic mold" is harmful.  In fact, most molds have some degree of toxicity as well as allergenicity and they can occur in nearly any color.    

Liability Risks to Landlords or Employees 

Mold exists in a regulatory black hole.  This lack of legislation leaves you vulnerable to the whims of the judicial system to settle disputes.  The financial consequences of litigation can be devastating.  Protect yourself as much as possible by responding to mold concerns promptly and with professional help from Mueller Environmental & Home Inspection, Inc.


The market for mold-contaminated homes and businesses is very limited and particularly unfavorable to securing a loan.  Many buyers these days are getting a mold inspection routinely, even without any obvious mold or moisture issues.  Most home inspectors specifically exclude detection of mold and mildew from their scope of services.  Whether you're buying or selling, the best protection against future surprises is a professional mold inspection today.

Can you afford the risk of not getting a professional mold inspection?  Call Mueller Environmental & Home Inspection, Inc. today for a free expert consultation specific to your mold concerns.

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